Gov’t Rolls Out Vaccination Healthcare Services

The Hong Kong government has announced that the supply of the Sinovac vaccine has already arrived and is ready for its national vaccination programme.

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In line with this, the public who are included in the priority groups can make bookings for the jabs online starting Tuesday, February 22, via the government’s official COVID-19 vaccination portal.

Gov’t Rolls Out Vaccination Healthcare Services

Gov’t Starts Accepting Booking For COVID-19 Vaccination Programme

The government released the announcement while sharing the latest information regarding the Vaccination Programme’s healthcare services.

The announcement revealed that these priority groups can get vaccinated at five community vaccination centres and the Hospital Authority’s 18 general out-patient clinics starting Friday, February 26.

And with the arrival of the Fosun Pharma/BioNTech vaccine, expected to be procured by end-February, more community vaccination centres will gradually commence operations.

As per the announcement, a doctor in-charge and a registered nurse with emergency care training will be present at each community vaccination centre to provide overall supervision and emergency management.

In line with this, a community vaccination center with 15 booths is expected to provide around 2,500 doses of vaccines on a daily basis at maximum throughput.

Furthermore, the Government will supply the Sinovac vaccine to the public at more than 1,500 clinics operated by more than 1,200 private doctors who participate in the Vaccination Programme before mid-March.

That said, the public can choose a private doctor or clinic under the programme and make an appointment for vaccination directly without going through the Government’s online booking system.

The Department of Health hosted a briefing on Tuesday for participating private doctors on the Vaccination Programme’s details.

It also noted that once the first batch has been used, private doctors may make orders according to their needs. The department will coordinate the delivery of the vaccines and follow up on the usage situation.

The government noted that it will reserve the second dose for citizens at the same clinic to receive their first dose. Private doctors should remind and follow up with their patients to receive the second dose on schedule, as prescribed.

Meanwhile, the department will also provide the Sinovac vaccine to patients or citizens receiving services at its designated clinics.

These clinics include elderly health centres, chest clinics, social hygiene clinics, dermatological clinics, education and training centres in family medicine and integrated treatment centres.

Meanwhile, those categorized under the priority groups and receiving services at such clinics can make an appointment to receive vaccination there. Booking for vaccination services at such clinics is not opened to the public.

In addition to a hard copy, citizens’ vaccination records will also be kept in an electronic format to enable people to view their vaccination records online.

In line with this, the Government urges the public to join the Electronic Health Record Sharing System where they will save the participants’ medical and vaccination records in encrypted files.

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