Filipina Domestic Worker Files Indecent Assault Complaint vs Employer

In the wake of legislative progress to establish a system to determine victims of abuse through screening, common stories of sexual assault and abuse between employer and worker still pile up until relevant laws are put into implementation.

And until that happens, we need to be aware of the things that go on behind closed doors, and to offer any kind of help to victims through information sharing and awareness campaign with the help of relevant organizations and the government, as well.

Filipina Domestic Worker Files Indecent Assault Complaint vs Employer

Pinay Lodges Complaint over Indecent Assault vs Employer

In relation to this, a 31-year old Filipina domestic helper has lodged a police complaint against her male employer over four alleged indecent assaults against her, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

The victim, whose identity was not revealed, went to Wanchai police station with two officers from the Philippine Consulate after leaving her employer’s residence in Kowloon’s Diamond Hill on Monday (March 11) and filed a complaint at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office (POLO).

As per the victim, she had only been working in Hong Kong for five months when the series of assaults happened – a total of four, between January and February this year.

Fearing that she would lose her job, she confided with her friend about the incidents that took place at her employer’s residence, but was advised to consider if she may have only misinterpreted the situation.

However, in the succeeding events, the employer allegedly attempted to force himself on her, and even pleaded with the Filipina housemaid not to tell his wife despite him doing the same thing over and over again.

The victim decided against telling the employer’s wife because she was “heavy-handed” and “not easy to talk to.” However, on March 10, she finally decided to leave her employer’s residence and sought shelter and advice from POLO, which referred her case to the consulate’s assistance to nationals section. The Filipina filed a complaint at the Hong Kong police the next day.

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