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Tourist Spots

From the name itself, The Peak is situated in the highest point on Hong Kong Island and in the most exclusive neighborhood in the city since the colonial times. The Peak has so much to offer that you can spend one day just to relax, unwind and enjoy at the top of Hong Kong. The [...]

Patterned from Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, the Avenue of Stars also gives tribute to Hong Kong’s top film celebrities. It is easily located at Tsim Sha Tsui, along the Victoria Harbour. The Avenue opened its doors to the public last April 2004. Since then, thousands of tourists flock the place every year. Here are 6 [...]

Hong Kong is a special region of China and we have been there a coupe of times. It’s a nice place to travel in Southeast Asia if you want to see a mix of modern and traditional sights. Be prepared as it can get crowded especially during the busy hours of the day. Here are [...]

Hong Kong is a scenic city with a burgeoning economy and tourism. Deemed as one of top destinations in Asia, this city offers a fabulous array of attractions and delights to its visitors. The Clock tower, skyline and Symphony of Lights are just three of the many visited places in this beautiful city. The Symphony [...]

On July 1, 1997, the Central Government of China presented a stunningly gilded bauhinia statue to Hong Kong. They placed the statue near the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre in front of the scenic Wan Chai waterfront. From then on, it is known as the Golden Bauhinia Square. A flag-raising ceremony is held every [...]

Hong Kong is one of the most visited attractions in Asia. Truth be told, it really is! Plenty of travelers visit Hong Kong to experience what this region has to offer. It offers different tourist spots and you can get lost in the small alleys, huge skyscrapers and abundant attractions. So, if you are planning [...]

Every one of us wants to go a shopping spree, and buy all the luxuries and things we want in life. Sadly, that seems more like a pipedream, unless you are super rich. But in the Ladies’ Market, you can literally buy and shop till you drop because they offer product with extremely low and [...]