Labatt Urges OFWs in HK to Upgrade Skills in Light of Recent Political Unrest

Work as an OFW is not and should not be treated as a permanent one. Time and again, OFWs are reminded by this simple fact, which hopefully, would help them come up with smarter decisions for their future.

In light of the recent unrest which took place in the country last week, Filipinos based in Hong Kong were once again reminded of how impermanent their situation in the country can be, and so officials from the Office of Philippine Consul General in Hong Kong encouraged OFWs to improve themselves in more ways than one while in the country.

Labatt Urges OFWs in HK to Upgrade Skills in Light of Recent Political Unrest
Credits: POLO-HK Facebook Page

OFWs Urged to Join Skills Training Programmes Offered by POLO

According to Labor Attaché Jalilo dela Torre, Filipino domestic workers in Hong Kong should take advantage of free skills and livelihood trainings to prepare them to return home should the political uncertainty worsen, and put their jobs in jeopardy, as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

This has been the message delivered by Labatt Dela Torre last Sunday (June 16) at the graduation of 52 massage therapy trainees at the Philippine Overseas Labour Office in Wanchai.

According to Dela Torre, the past few days’ protest action against the extradition bill being pushed by Carrie Lam’s administration shows OFWs the importance of preparing for any eventuality.

Labatt explained that the proposed legislation, if passed as scheduled last Jun 12, would have made it possible for Hong Kong to send accused people to places where it does not have an extradition treaty, such as Taiwan, Macau, and especially, China.

To its implications, he asked the workers if they thought they would be affected by the proposed amendment to the law, and a resounding “yes” was the response that he got.

Noting the vulnerability of their position as migrant workers in the country, Labatt told them that the more empowered they are to return home with skills like massage therapy, the better their chances at finding a living for themselves, if they decide to retire back in the Philippines or even venture for employment elsewhere in the world.

For their part, assistant labor attaches Antonio Villafuerte and Angelica Sunga, both urged the workers to take advantage of the POLO’s skills training programs.

Villafuerte acknowledged the workers’ efforts to better themselves whenever they have the time to do so, and encouraged many others to feel free to check with POLO for free training and workshops to equip them with skills they can use should they decide to finally go back home for good.

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