‘Kalayaan’ Show to Push Through this Sunday

Despite the recent political turmoil that has afflicted the country, which has sent protesters out on the streets, Filipinos in Hong Kong still have something to look forward to amid everything that’s been happening in the city.

Where division was prompted, Filipinos will call for unity in celebration of the Philippine Independence Day, which was observed this month. And this time, as the situation has subsided, a different kind of demonstration will be seen on the streets.

‘Kalayaan’ Show to Push Through this Sunday

Philippine Independence Day Celebration Pushes Through on Sunday

The second part of the Philippine celebrations, originally scheduled Sunday last week, but was cancelled due to the massive protests that took place, will push through at the Central District this Sunday (June 23), as shared in a report by the Sun HK.

Last Sunday’s scheduled festivities had to be cancelled at the last minute because of the mass protest against the controversial extradition bill, which has since been withdrawn by the government.

According to Leo Selomenio, lead coordinator for four Sundays of events scheduled to mark the 121st anniversary of Philippine Independence, the show will finally push through.

Hinting on what to expect during the upcoming event, Selomenio shared that the highlight of this Sunday’s “Kalayaan” celebration will be the Festival of Dances, featuring native dances from the three main islands of the Philippines: Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao.

The showcase will feature six traditional dances from Luzon; five from the Visayas; and two from Mindanao.

Other activities will include competitions in zumba, modern, and cheer dance.

The whole-day event is expected to begin early at 8 in the morning, with an Amazing Race, followed by community zumba dancing led by eight instructors.

At 10 am, a parade of all participants will be held, followed by opening ceremonies led by Consul General Antonio Morales.

The festivities will be capped by live musical performances from four bands representing the Hong Kong Musicians Union.

Selomenio shared that the organizers had to squeeze in scheduled events for two Sundays into the celebration, but noted that everything was well-managed.

He also shared that while some sponsors reportedly complained about the cancellation of last Sunday’s show, what ensued was an unforeseen event and that the security of those involved, especially the overseas Filipino workers, could not be compromised.

This year’s events are jointly organized by the Consulate, the Philippine Association of Hong Kong, Global Alliance, Philippine Alliance and Federation of Luzon Active Groups.

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