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As a Foreign Domestic Helper, you are allowed to work in Hong Kong for two years. After two years, you are expected to leave the country and go back home. In some cases, if your employer wishes you to stay after finishing your contract or you have to complete the remainder period of your current [...]

Do you need help? If it is a resounding yes, then this will help you in many ways. But, if you don’t see yourself needing one these days then this will still be handy in the future. Living in a foreign country can sometimes leave us wondering who to contact or where to go. Never [...]

Oh, Hong Kong! It feels good to be living and working in a lively and vibrant city. Now, you’re dream is slowly coming true. But then, homesickness hits you! It’s a feeling slowly eating your heart out, and no bright lights and spectacular scenery can uplift your spirit. Truth be told, this is one of [...]

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The bright lights, crowded streets, the towering buildings; Now, you are living your dream of working in Hong Kong. Hold on! Are you ready for everything? Working in a foreign land has its ups and downs. However, you can equip yourself with valuable information that can help you survive it. You can start with understanding [...]

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Two Week Rule; Does it ring a bell? How much do you know about the two-week rule in Hong Kong which applies to OFWs? Understanding the two-week rule, the effect to you as a Foreign Domestic Helper, who to contact, what will happen when you violate it and what to do once in the situation, might [...]

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Skyscraper skyline, vibrant nightlife and an exciting place to live in. These might be enough to convince you to live and work in Hong Kong. In that case, you need to equip yourself with essential information; weather, language, currency, work situation, transport system, Filipino community, cost of living- that will serve as a guide to [...]

HK’s Disneyland theme park is without a doubt a top tourist attraction in Hong Kong. It caters to the whole family and coming from the Philippines, this is the closest Disneyland theme park that we can visit abroad. Plenty of Filipino tourists make this as a major destination to visit and we thought of sharing some [...]